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Violet Films // Ultra Violet Consultancy

Social Media Management, Grant Writing, Crowd Building, Impact Tracking and Evaluation, Distribution Strategy, Legislative Strategy, Communications Strategy, Campaign Partnership Development, Community Screenings Management, Campaign Strategy Development, Donor Cultivation and Management, Campaign Implementation, Campaign Video Production
Company / Organization / Individual Name:
Violet Films // Ultra Violet Consultancy

Primary Contact Name:
Joanna Natasegara

Primary Contact E-Mail Address:

Coming soon!

London, UK

Key People (list the names and titles of key staff):

Joanna Natasegara
Abigail Anketell-Jones

In less than 200 words, please describe your mission and work:

The only company combining social impact strategy and film production in the UK, Ultra Violet are an ethical consultancy specialising in bespoke outreach campaigns for film and media projects, at any stage and size. Ultra Violet maximise the social change potential of film projects. With extensive experience in documentary film and social justice initiatives, Ultra Violet is perfectly positioned to navigate effectively between both spheres. Inspired by filmmakers and driven by the potent impact of their work to achieve change in the even the most intractable of situations, Ultra Violet seeks to amplify their messages. Our target clients are filmmakers with social impact projects.

In 100 words or less, list your core strengths:
  • Collaboration from consultancy to implementation as required 
  • Expert knowledge 
  • High level of discretion 
  • Social impact strategic consultation 
  • Extensive industry contacts 
  • Strong partnership building 
  • Outreach consultation 
  • Social impact implementation 
  • Identifying funding & sponsorship opportunities 
  • Media training 
  • Event planning and implementation 
  • Distribution Strategy 
  • Full production capabilities from development through to distribution

Please name up to five projects that you have worked on that represent the kind of work you do:
  • Virunga (Coming soon) 
  • No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka (Official selection at 15 international film festivals) 
  • The Dark Matter of Love (TIFF, MIFF) 
  • The House I Live In (Sundance) 
  • The Ministry of Truth (BBC Storyville - ‘Why Democracy’ Series)

In 150 words or less, briefly describe one campaign or project you have worked on that is a great example of your work and your role in it:

Ultra Violet was engaged as the impact producer on the feature doc No Fire Zone, which presents compelling evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity from the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009. The main impact goals were to support elite lobbying on an independent investigation, raise public awareness and increase dialogue on the issue.

Please describe the kinds of projects you love to work on and/or any particular issue areas that you have expertise in:

Human Rights, Democracy, Social inequality, Public policy, Governance, Conservation, Crime and justice, International Law, Interfaith dialogue, Peace & Conflict.