In August, as part of our Special Fund for Rapid Story Deployment, we issued a Special Call for Proposals on Climate Change and Health.   We are thrilled to announce the following three projects have each been awarded a $10,000 grant. Asthma Alley Directed by Beth Murphy and Dan Levitt A short film focused on a teenage girl in the South Bronx who finds hope in music when climate change, air pollution and worsening pollen seasons intertwine in ways that make it hard for her to breathe.  Chronic Exposure: Working to Death in Bajo Tempo Directed by Tom Jennings A short film about dramatic temperature increases that are threatening the lives of agricultural workers around the world.  Effluent Blues Directed by Casey Beck A film that focuses on the nexus of climate change, farm waste runoff and toxic algae blooms that is creating a drinking water crisis that could undermine the health of millions of Americans.   Climate change is an urgent issue with far-reaching impacts.  And, while public awareness about climate change has increased, there is a need to do more to highlight the link between climate change and health, particularly the health impacts on already vulnerable populations.  We believe each of the selected projects highlights these links in unique and powerful ways.  We are hopeful that these stories will help inform, engage and mobilize key audiences at a time when critical decisions are being made by policymakers, businesses and communities about how to best protect against and mitigate climate change.  We would like give a special shout out to advisory committee members Jade Begay (Filmmaker and Media Strategist), Will Jenkins (Communications Strategist), Anna Lee (Co-Director, Working Films), and David Sassoon (Founder and Publisher, InsideClimate News).  We are grateful for their participation and willingness to share their expertise and insight with us during the review process.

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