Over the past couple months, we have awarded the following grants through our Rapid Story Deployment Fund.  We see great potential for these short form projects to contribute to our national dialogue around racial justice, climate change, immigration and economic inequality.      

The Blue Line Directed by Samatha Knowles

A New York Times Op-Doc that looks at the divisions that emerge when a small town makes the controversial decision to paint a blue line in support of police on one of its busiest roads. 


The Condor & The Eagle Directed by Clement Guerra

Four Indigenous leaders embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Canadian plains to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of “Climate Justice”. 


Help Wanted: An H-2A Story about People Directed by Marc McAndrews, Produced by Philip Sanchez

A short film that will profile a select number of migrant farmworkers from recruitment in rural Mexico to placement on a North Carolina farm. 


King Tide Directed by Ronald Baez

An immersive, 360° short documentary highlighting the daily effects of climate change currently on full display in Miami Beach, FL. 


Little Pyongang Directed by Roxy Rezvany

This short documentary with exclusive access unveils the depths of lost longing and legacy in the rich array of stories amongst North Korean defectors who have escaped their homeland to live in a leafy London suburb.


The New Redlining Center for Investigative Reporting

Short videos that explore how people of color are being shut out of buying homes. 


Santuario Directed by Christine Delp and Pilar Timpane

A short documentary short about radical faith, one family’s fight to stay together, and the true meaning of church in today’s immigration climate.


Zero Weeks Directed by Ky Dickens

A shorter version of the feature length documentary that will use personal stories, celebrity voices and infographics to educate viewers about paid leave, how it can be achieved, and what people can do to harness the momentum and pending business and policy initiatives in their own state.

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