Written by Emily Verellen Strom

This is an excellent read or listen for any of you thinking about how, when and why to think about the social impact of your film or multi-platform media project.  This podcast, “Just Getting a Bunch of Likes, or Creating a Hashtag? That’s Not Social Change” featuring Impact Producer Lina Srivastava and written summary are very much in line with the way that Fledgling thinks about impact.  Instead of using the words “measurement” or “metrics”, we like to think about an “Impact Story” that is rich in impact data, both quantitative and qualitative, and includes details about the goals, political and social climate, campaign resources and strategy. With this Impact Story, we can actually start to put a film’s impact into context and step away from the relatively useless comparisons between projects.  Thank you Lina for this thoughtul discussion starter!

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