Written by Emily Verellen Strom

Fledgling’s Engagement Lab members recently had an online conversation about viewers guides. What works? What is the right length? Who should contribute? One Lab member recently completed a 130-page guide with the support of their non-profit partners and is feeling overwhelmed by the depth of the content. Here are a few quick tips that other Lab members offered:
  • Shorter is usually better (15 pages max was suggested). Include links for more depth.
  • Create modified versions for different audiences – one for students, one for parents, one for teachers, advocates, victims, etc.
  • Send people that request the guide a Dropbox link with videos, graphics and supplemental material.
  • Make sure the content isn’t too text heavy – use a lot of graphics, charts and other visuals to make it more accessible.
  • Work with your partners to help translate your guide into other useful languages
  • Engaging your campaign partners to each write different sections of your guide is a great way to spread out the work and stay on budget.

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