Written by Emily Verellen Strom

I recently chatted with Kali Holloway from AlterNet Presents. We discussed a new opportunity for filmmakers seeking to find new online audiences for their content. They have an incredibly large and engaged audience that is eager for social issue content. I have heard already from a handful of our grantees who have streamed through AlterNet that it provided a great boost to their outreach and engagement campaign. Here is the brief summary of AlterNet Presents: AlterNet Presents is a curated film series that shines a spotlight on social issue documentaries attempting to make real, substantive progressive change. Each week, the AlterNet website will feature one social-issue documentary. During this period, AlterNet visitors will be able to stream (but not download) the feature in its entirety. Site visitors may also have access to any additional information which can help further inform the issues at the heart of the film, such as discussion guides, curricula, etc. It is important to note that AlterNet is not a distribution avenue, but a means of increasing the visibility of films that are in the early or late stages of their outreach campaign, at a critical moment in their press/PR efforts, or have simply not had the exposure they deserve. Being featured on AlterNet will not only help introduce the film to new audiences, but promises to help maximize impact by bringing the movie to a group that is likely to be particularly responsive to its message of social change. We at AlterNet have undertaken this effort because we strongly believe that social issue documentaries have the power to spark important and often difficult conversations that can raise awareness and move audiences to action. AlterNet has just over 5 million unique visitors per month. If you are interested in learning more about AlterNet presents, contact Kali at: kali@alternet.org

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