By Sheila Leddy, The Fledgling Fund:  All of us at Fledgling were deeply saddened to hear of Roland Legiardi-Laura’s passing.  Diana and I first met Roland and his colleague Amy Sultan through the film To Be Heard many years ago when Fledgling was just starting out. They invited us to visit their classroom to learn more about the Power Writers program. It was in that classroom that we first witnessed the quiet power of what they were doing – teaching, listening, mentoring, and creating a safe space for their students to not just learn, but to express themselves creatively, authentically and powerfully.   They created a community and a safe space for discussion, writing and growth.  Roland’s passion for social justice and his commitment to empowering youth to raise their voices were evident not just in what he did but how he did it.  He was a brilliant and generous soul and we will miss him.

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