We are pleased to announce support for five new projects through our Special Fund for Rapid Story Deployment:   Councilwoman Documentary Shorts Project Councilwoman is about the right to have a voice in democracy.   Carmen, a Dominican housekeeper in a Providence hotel, takes her advocacy for low-income workers from the margins to a seat on the City Council. The feature film and accompanying shorts will inspire reflection and enhance conversations about how the intersections of race, class and gender affect public policy decisions.  Letters of Hope An initiative of CARE, the Letters of Hope initiative is a letter-writing and digital campaign connecting individuals, including many students, in the U.S. with refugees around the world.  The goal is to raise awareness for the urgent needs of today and to diffuse fear and apprehension about diversity among the next generation. Middle Gray “Justice” in American trials is often determined by which side has the “better story.”  Some defense attorneys are turning to a new, experimental strategy to defend their convicted clients: filmmaking. These “films” are known as “sentencing videos” and are designed to mitigate sentences by playing to the emotions of an audience of one: the judge. Middle Gray explores this growing practice. The takeaway: justice, like filmmaking, isn’t always so black and white. Nation of Second Chances This is a photo and video journalism series telling the stories of nonviolent drug offenders granted clemency by President Obama through his historic clemency initiative. Robeson Rises This film will chronicle the efforts of Robeson County residents — Native, Black, brown and white — uniting against the pipeline and for a renewable future. The film will paint a diverse and complex portrait of rural and native America against the grain of the typical post-election narrative.

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